About Us

Carpet Cleaning Watford was established with the clear and simple idea of providing people with better cleaning solutions at better prices. As it turned out we became the preferred carpet cleaners in Watford – an important appraisal from our customers. Being a professional cleaning company, we are well aware that service quality and exceptional results are vital to customer satisfaction and our success, this is why we have made sure that we deliver every time. We don’t mind putting in the extra effort so customers get the results they expect – our dedication is one of our calling cards.


Honest, reliable and efficient service

That is what we offer to both private and business customers. With us, people don’t have to worry about anything as we ensure every aspect of our cleaning is handled with professional pace, precision, and punctuality. One of our aims was to organize and provide a friendly, streamlined cleaning service which is worth customers’ time and money, so far we have been able to do just that – our results speak for themselves. With the most dedicated and skilled cleaning technicians working for us, we are certain to provide genuine quality cleaning treatments.

Adequate pricing and great deals (without compromise on the quality of course) is crucial if we want to be the preferred carpet cleaners in Watford, and since day one we have been offering fair prices without any hidden fees. We always quote customers accurately and strive to provide the best possible price given the circumstances.

We are always happy to provide households and businesses with honest, professional advice and tips on how to make cleaning requirements less of a problem. Complete customer satisfaction is very important to us, and we don’t make exceptions. Whatever your cleaning requirements, turn to Carpet Cleaning Watford and we will take care of those in a truly professional fashion.